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Our By Laws

Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association

Constitution and By-Laws

Effective 04/2009 Updated 5/2014



SECTION 1          The name of this organization shall be the Brazos Valley

Professional Photographers Association. The Association shall be a non-profit organization.



SECTION 1          The purpose of the Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association shall be the elevation of the standard of professional photography.

SECTION 2          The promotion of good fellowship among the Association members.

SECTION 3          To serve the Greater Brazos Valley area with the finest

Professional photography service and to create an atmosphere in which professional photographers may associate and learn from one another and stay current with trends in the industry.

SECTION 4          To plan, organize and promote better public relations between the Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association and the general public.

SECTION 5          To communicate and disseminate information about the state and national affiliates events, projects and educational workshops.


ARTICLE III-Membership

SECTION 1          Membership shall consist of individuals or businesses in the Greater Brazos Valley area. Membership applicants shall complete and submit application for membership.

SECTION 2          Membership shall be composed of five (5) different classifications: (a) Honorary, (b) Active, (c) Associate/Staff (d) Aspiring, (e) Student

(f) Service/Vendor


Qualifications: (a) Honorary-The Board, by unanimous vote of the members present, may confer Honorary membership in the Association upon anyone recommended. Honorary members are exempt from payment of all dues and shall enjoy all rights and privileges; but, subject to all obligations of membership (excluding dues) but shall not hold any office on the Board. These members may have served on state or national boards or participated in a national teaching tour.

(b) Active- A photographer, studio owner or studio manager who has been actively engaged in photography for one (1) or more years, is dedicated to the elevation of the standards of professional photography. An active member must be available for assignments during a normal week, derive a portion of their earned income from photography and must have a Texas State Sales Permit or be employed by an institution that has one. An active member may vote, hold office, serve on committees, be named in ads and represent the Association on both state and national levels.

(c) Associate/Staff-An associate member shall be the spouse or non-photographer staff member of any qualified active or affiliate member in good standing. An associate member may not vote, hold office or be named in ads, but may serve on committees.

(d) Aspiring-An aspiring member is interested photography as an art, or learning about photography as a career. This is an entry-level membership category. Applicant is not currently a full-time professional photographer or artist and wishes to join the guild for educational purposes and to build associations with other working members. Aspiring status entitles member to BVPPA discounts and participation in BVPPA programs including: print competitions. Status does not include voting privileges, or eligibility to hold board positions, or to use the BVPPA logo in any form. Aspiring members must change their membership status to active after two (2) years to show good faith in their efforts to become a professional photographer.

(e) Student-a student member must be a current active student at a school, college or university. Membership is subject to discretion of the board and the student may not have voting privileges, hold office or have use of the approved logo. They may however, serve on committees.

(f) Service/Affiliate Members-A person or persons owning or working with a company who supplies services or product for the photographic industry. They may not vote or hold office but can serve on committees.


SECTION 3          Acceptance of New members-All applications for membership must be submitted in writing on application forms furnished by the Secretary or other duly appointed Board Member. Each application must include the name, residence and occupational address and telephone numbers of the candidate. All applications must be accompanied by the first year’s dues or balance of dues for the fiscal year as determined by the Board at an given time, along with any required application fees and other materials deemed necessary by the Board.

SECTION 4          Applications for membership shall be accepted and reviewed by the Board without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age or national origin of the applicant.

SECTION 5          All applications for membership shall be put on file and kept as a permanent record of the Association.



SECTION 1          Rates for membership dues shall be reviewed and set by the Board on an annual basis.

SECTION 2          All dues are payable on or before January 31st of each year.

SECTION 3          The treasurer shall notified any member failing to remit his dues by March 1st of the same calendar year. Failure to remit dues by April 1st is grounds for cancellation of membership and forfeiture of all rights within the Association.

SECTION 4          Any member dropped from the membership roster for non-payment of dues must reapply for membership in the same manner prescribed in Article III of this document.

SECTION 5          Payment of membership dues shall be suspended for any member in the military service, and such members shall be deemed in good standing throughout such period of military service. No application for readmission shall be necessary.

SECTION 6          A suspension of dues may be issued by the Board for the benefit of any member enduring physical calamity or impaired health.


ARTICLE V-Disqualification

SECTION 1          The name of any member of the BVPPA may be stricken from the membership roster, for cause. Cause is defined as an infraction of the Code of Ethics as stated in the BVPPA application.

SECTION 2          A complaint of cause must be filed with the Board at least ten (10) days before a regular meeting, stating the grounds for such an action.

SECTION 3          The Board shall consider the complaint at least twenty-four (24) hours before the meeting and may (1) dismiss the complaint; (2) ask the offending member to resign; (3) present the motion to the active members for their recommendation.

SECTION 4          It is further provided that either the complainant or member whose offense is alleged in such complaint may have the right to appeal any decision, bringing the questions before the active membership, in person or by counsel, within fourteen (14) days after the announcement of such decision.

SECTION 5          In all cases, the vote by at least three-fourths (3/4, 75%) of the active members voting shall be the final authority.




SECTION 1          The Officers of the BVPPA shall consist of the following members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Education and Director of Communications. The President must be an active member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and have previously served on the BVPPA board in another position for at least one year. All Board Members must be Active members and must have been a member of either BVPPA/TPPA/PPA for 1 year. Each Board Member must attend 75% of Board/General Meetings (can attend via Skype or other similar service). Any General Members are invited to attend and speak at Board meetings, provided they give notice of an agenda item 24 hours prior to the Board meeting.


SECTION 2          The President’s duties shall consist of the following:

  1. Attend and preside over all regular, special and board meetings.
  2. Be responsible for selective possible monthly programs and meeting places.
  3. Create staff committees
  4. Assist in implementation of plans and goals and promote the continued growth and success of the Association
  5. Act as the contact between the Association and other organizations such as TPPA and PPA.
  6. Maintain Association records, including, but not limited to, membership and financial records.
  7. Have second signature on all checks.


SECTION 3          The Vice-President’s duties shall consist of the following:

  1. Attend all regular, special and board meetings.
  2. Preside over all of the above meetings when the President is unable to do so.
  3. Assist in implementation of plans and goals and promote the continued growth and success of the Association.
  4. Be a public relations communicator.
  5. Assist in the scheduling of speakers and meeting places.
  6. Conduct monthly print competitions.
  7. Have second signature on all checks.
  8. Head the membership committee.


SECTION 4          The Secretary’s duties shall consist of the following:

  1. Attend all regular, special and board meetings.
  2. Take minutes of all meetings and submit copies for approval to all officers and directors at the next scheduled board meeting.
  3. Notify a member of cancellation of membership in writing for any disqualification according to Article V, Section.
  4. Shall maintain a record of all revisions to the Constitution and bylaws.
  5. Shall be responsible for distribution of Constitution and bylaws.
  6. Shall maintain a sign-in sheet at all regular meetings.
  7. Assist in implementation of plans and goals and promote the continued growth and success of the Association
  8. Have second signature on all checks if another Board member is not available.


SECTION 5          The Treasurer’s duties shall consist of the following:

  1. Attend all regular, special and board meetings.
  2. Keep an accurate record of Association membership by classification.
  3. Report monthly and fiscal year-to-date revenues and expenses of the Association.
  4. Shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all assets, funds and securities of the Association.
  5. Shall receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the Association from any source whatsoever, and deposit all such monies in the name of the Association in such banks, trust companies or other depositories as shall be selected in accordance with the provisions of these bylaws.
  6. Shall keep financial records ready for inspection by the Board at all times.
  7. Shall make a general statement of the financial condition of the Association at the regular meetings of the Board.
  8. Shall sign all checks.
  9. Shall collect dues, pay all bills authorized by Board and preserve proper vouchers of all payments.
  10. Collect and maintain an accurate accounting of all monies paid or owed to the Association.
  11. Pay all legitimate claims and bills due to vendors and suppliers on a timely basis.
  12. A checking account will be set up and maintained, requiring the President and the Vice-President’s signatures on all checks.


SECTION 6          The Director of Communications

  1. Attend all regular, special and board meetings.
  2. Send out email newsletter in advance of regularly scheduled meetings
  3. Create an Event Page on Facebook at least two weeks in advance of scheduled speaker
  4. Write up a short summary of events within 72 hours of monthly meeting and submit to TPPA editor
  5. Update BVPPA website with new member info and any speaker information
  6. Will bring camera to all meetings in order to document the print competition winners and speakers
  7. Add new members and prospective members addresses to constant contact list.

SECTION 7          The Director of Education

  1. Attend all regular, special and board meetings.
  2. Make contact with potential speakers
  3. Arrange for speaker accommodations if necessary
  4. Submit speaking contract to speaker 6 weeks prior to scheduled speaking event
  5. Send directions and get list of any extra equipment a speaker might need (i.e. projector, extra tables, sponsor information, lighting equipment, etc)
  6. Get necessary info to apply for merits for speakers if so needed
  7. Keep a list of potential speakers as a backup in case a speaker fails to show up as contracted

SECTION 8          
The membership shall have open elections each year, and each Board position shall be voted in each year. Term of office shall run from January 1-December 31st and each board member will have the responsibility of training the newly elected member in their responsibilities during the months of November and December.



SECTION 1          Regular membership meeting shall be held on a date, time and place set forth by the Board.

SECTION 2          Special meetings must be called by the President or any member of the Board.

  1. Notice of special meetings must be mailed or emailed to each active member and received within (3) three business days before such called meeting
  2. Notice shall state the subject of the business to be discussed.



 SECTION 1          Proposals for the expenditure of treasury funds, other than normal operating expenses, must be submitted to the Board at a regularly scheduled board meeting.

SECTION 2          A special reserve fund can be established and used for purposes subject to a favorable vote of the majority of the active members present and voting at any regular meeting. Special reserve funds may be invested into interest bearing accounts at established, federally insured savings organizations at the discretion of the Board.


ARTICLE IX-Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

SECTION 1          The Constitution and Bylaws as set forth herein ay be altered or amended at any regular meeting, provided such alterations are agreed upon first by the Board.

SECTION 2          Amendments may then be brought forth at any regular meeting provided such alterations be submitted to Secretary in writing and read by the Secretary at a previous meeting.

SECTION 3          All amendments to the Constitution and bylaws are subject to a favorable vote of three-fourths (3/4, 75%) of the active members present and voting.

SECTION 4          The Constitution and bylaws of the Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association cannot be suspended either temporarily or permanently in any manner other than described in this article.

SECTION 5          Due to liability issues, no alcohol will be permitted or served in which a paid speaker is present or during meetings that are not considered a social event. (The Board reserves the right to ask or remove any individual in violation of this amendment.)

ARTICLE X-Addendum

 SECTION 1          Effective for the year 2014 dues are as follows for the various membership classifications (subject to change on an annual basis by the Board in accordance with Article, Section.

  1. Active-$135 per year
  2. Associate-$85 per year
  3. Aspiring-$85 per year
  4. Student-$45 per year
  5. Service-donation of in-kind goods of $100
  6. Honorary-no fees